” I had a dream to create an opportunity for families to break out of the crime cycle. Community Approach is that opportunity, welcome to the dream… “

Nick Tuitasi / Founder, Senior Constable(ret)

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reducing Youth Crime

What is Community Approach?

The thrust of Community Approach is to assist families to lay down a new foundation on which they can build a positive future. That’s because the old adage “problems all start in the home” is so true. These families are identified by Police Youth Aid. They have a child who has committed multiple crimes and often have more than one offender per family. Once the at-risk family has been referred, Community Approach staff identify the issues that entangle the family in the crime cycle.

These staff include Social Workers, a Navigator, youth workers and mentors. We use a co-ordinated approach utilising government and community agencies and together we methodically address the problems the families are encountering.

Unfortunately we can’t count the crimes the programme has prevented, the young people it has kept out of prison or the lives that have been changed for the better. But when it works… who’s counting?

The families are carefully case managed and constantly monitored. One of the contributing factors to our success is the low ratio of families per worker, which in turn allows the worker to spend quality time with each family. “We believe in doing a lot with a little rather than a little with a lot”.

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