Community and Youth Programme

This is a 13 week programme for youth aged between 14-17 years who have weekly contact in either a group environment or on an individual basis. The young person has 65 hours of contact doing a range of activities, events and mentoring activities. The primary focus is developing resilience with these young people so they don’t become involved in recidivist offending, and to ensure they stay engaged in education, employment and training.

Youth Mentoring Programme

This is a year long mentoring programme that operates on a weekly basis, both in a group or at an individual level. The young people are aged between 14-17 years and undertake a range of practical life skills training and mentoring, which includes a range of challenging and relationship building activities. The primary focus for this is young people who have appeared in youth court and require mentoring to get their lives back on track.

School holiday programme

Community Approach runs several school holiday programmes during the year for our young people, their siblings and parents/caregivers. This is an opportunity to have families spend quality time together with our team in a fun and family focused programme. The focus is to have families enjoying time together away from the normal routines of life and take some time out.

Wilderness and Adventure Camps

Community Approach runs a range of wilderness and adventure camps throughout the year that are focused on life skills and teamwork for young people. These camps range in duration from 2-5 days and are run outside of the Auckland region. Our camps are based around activities in the great outdoors and offer challenge and inspiration for our young people. It also provides an opportunity to build closer relationships with our young people and better understand their needs and aspirations.

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