Child Care Management

This is a Police social work case management service for children aged from 8-13 years of age that have had some level of Police involvement with a young person or their family.

Family Social Work

This is Long term holistic case management that addresses offending behaviour of recidivist youth offenders and provides support and advocacy for their families to reduce offending risk factors within the home and for the young person. It is the fundamental and core function of our project since its inception in 1993.

Youth Gang Intensive Case Management

This is a role that provides support and mentoring for young people involved in, or influenced by gangs, violence or bullying type behaviour and offending. It is a role that allows for a response to youth crime related offending, such as young people involved in street gangs. It functions by coordinating a multi-agency response to youth crime and gangs.

Food Bank

Community Approach has been able to gain the support of several local supermarkets to provide us with grocery items for our families. Sometimes families fall on hard times and need some practical care and support to help get through these trials. Our team are able to offer this practical support when needed. This service has been greatly received by families across our programmes in the last 3 years.

Community Health Nurse

Our part time community health nurse completes health assessments to identify the health needs of our young people and their families. The nurse assists families in managing and addressing health related factors within the family that contribute to offending behaviour.

Pasifika Futures Programme

Community Approach has partnered with Pasifika Futures to provide a service to our Pacific Families at Community Approach. It involves assessing and supporting our clients and their families with developing a family plan to improve the circumstances for our families across the finances, education, health and community and culture. The goal is that families are supported in achieving their aspirations and see better outcomes for the entire family.

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